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The Style Emporium Canberra

The Style Emporium is a boutique style store located in the tranquil
Gold Creek Village.

Since its conception in 2004 it has evolved to represent a unique shopping experience in Canberra. Our products are selected to represent The Style Emporium and are made all over the world, we steer away from mass market products — you can buy that stuff anywhere. We love to support our young Australian companies who are bringing us the most amazing things. We are naturally drawn to things that have a simplistic quality, and believe in using
our beautiful things to enjoy life. We encourage you to use your imagination,
give a gift for pleasure and treat yourself always.

We enjoy the shopping experience, we don’t have online shopping, there is
no pleasure in punching a number into a computer. We invite you to visit
and talk to us about something you have seen, we talk about our products
all day long. Our greatest pleasure is when someone ‘discovers’ our shop
— ‘new’ customers become ‘regulars’ and so it goes….

Ginninderra Village, Gold Creek, O‘Hanlon Place
Nicholls ACT (off the Barton Highway)
Phone 02 6242 5223

      Open Tuesday to Sunday 10am–5pm        Public Holidays 11am–4pm

The Style Emporium closes for annual holidays from the 25th of December until the 2nd week in January. Please contact the store for exact dates.
For public holiday opening days please contact the store.

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